Space Sharing is More Than Just Coworking Spaces

It is undeniable that utilising shared spaces is a trend for modern businesses and entrepreneurs. It allows one to interact and collaborate with people from other companies or meet like-minded individuals.

A quick search on the internet on ‘space sharing’ brings you to a plethora of websites offering coworking spaces. This is the issue. Space sharing is often misconstrued as sharing a workspace with others – it goes way beyond that.

Shareable space consists of more than just workspaces; there are many other types of venues that can be shared. A company’s lounge can be shared with the public during the weekends, a classroom can be rented out in the holidays, even a rooftop can be shared.

Many of you may find this to be too out of the norm – it is – but it is not impossible to realise this concept. The whole idea behind the sharing economy is to reduce wastage of underused resources through peer-to-peer sharing. This presents a win-win situation, where the provider has an opportunity to earn an extra income and the consumer can save on their expenses.

This phenomenon has been changing the way we live – it is time for us to change too.

So, why not keep an open mind about what other types of spaces are shareable?